As organizations prioritize physical and mental wellbeing, I see an opportunity to offer a collaborative approach to enhance employee wellbeing within the goals of organizational performance. Employees will thrive within a safe work environment with the right training, coaching, and resources on mental and physical performance.

I am delighted to be able to collaborate with Rob Fontaine and Integrate Health to work with your organization towards the effective solutions you are pursuing.  If you want your people and your organization to benefit from developing the fundamentals of mental and physical performance, please contact me here.

Rob has dedicated his career to helping people integrate healthy habits into their daily routines.  Rob’s expertise is implementing healthy posture and movement programs into organizations to improve the lives of all employees.  Rob brings 25 years of experience working with a broad range of clients of varying sizes in many different industry sectors.

Rob has many roles in his life – husband, father, son, friend, business owner, consultant, athlete and coach. Outside of work, most of his time is spent enjoying the wonders of life with his wife and two children – especially on those weeks when he is at the summer cabin on Savary Island. To keep physically and mentally healthy, Rob includes running in his routine and occasionally tests his fitness in a local trail race.

To learn more about Rob and Integrate health, please visit their website.