August 2020:  Canadian Running article by Maggie Gowland, who interviewed me about managing long-term injuries in running


February 2020:  Darin Thompson, lawyer, interviewed me about mental performance impacts for running a law practice


Feb 2018:  CBC radio interviewed me during the 2018 Winter Olympics about handling the pressure of competing in major international competitions.

Harnessing Butterflies: preparing for mental challenges of Olympics

Oct 2017:  I was interviewed by Dr. Cale Copeland (Chiropractor) about some of the factors impacting injury and health rehabilitation from a mental performance perspective.

Mental fitness in rehabilitation

Aug 2015:  CBC Sports, hosted by Olympian Adam Kreek, interviewed me at the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto about some of the ‘secrets’ for mental performance in sport

June 2014:  The Province article on the incredible bronze medal victory by the Canadian Men’s 7s team at the World Series event in Las Vegas, with reference to my role