Over 20 year of consulting experience in Mental Performance for sport, injury rehabilitation, health &  wellness, and business / organizations.

  • Ph.D., Sport Psychology – University of Otago, NZ
  • M.A., Sport Psychology – University of Alberta, Canada
  • B.A. (Honours), Kinesiology – University of Victoria, Canada
  • Professional Member – Canadian Sport Psychology Association (CSPA)
  • Mental Health First Aid – Provider – Canadian Mental Health Commission

Sport:   I have worked with teams and athletes ranging from Olympic / National to Provincial / Regional, and down to grass-roots local youth sport participants.  Member of Team Canada at a variety of major events, including the Olympics, Paralympics, Commonwealth Games, Pan American Games, and numerous World Championships and other international events.  Proud to have being part of the fabric of success for over 450 medalists at major international events.

Areas of expertise include:

  • mental preparation routines
  • performing under pressure
  • performance consistency
  • building resiliency
  • team dynamics
  • stress management & adaptive responses
  • high-performance lifestyle routines
  • athlete & coach wellness
  • injury management (mental performance perspective)
  • career transition planning & support 

Injury Management, Health & Wellness:  Through the collaborative work I do in multi-disciplinary medical and sport science fields, I have found success by collaborating with other practitioners to develop and deliver integrated support for clients. 

I created a ‘psychology of injury management educational program’ for patients managing Musculo-skeletal injuries that has part of the successful, positive, and sustainable rehabilitation for over 5000 patients (sport, work-related, motor vehicle accidents, long-term disability, and other sources). I enjoy bringing a pragmatic and positive approach, using a combination of cognitive and behavioural strategies to assist those dealing with the challenges of injury towards return to function, return to play, return to work, and enhanced quality of life outcomes.

Business / Organizations:  Health, wellness, leadership, team dynamics, and performance are focal areas where my expertise are being used with a variety of businesses and organizations.

Education:  I am currently an Adjunct Professor (University of Victoria – School of Exercise Science, Physical & Health Education), and have taught graduate and undergraduate courses in a variety of areas related to sport psychology, health, active living, and recreation.