Cheering on Canada from afar

I’m really enjoying watching the Canadian athletes compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics.  It is always so cool to watch on the TV in my living room some of the athletes I’ve gotten to know through different experiences over the years, while holding my breath while they compete on the Olympic stage.  There is so much that has happened in many of their lives, incredible highs and lows, that has brought them to this point of being able to pull on the Canadian team uniform and to compete in front of the world.  As much as people can get caught up in simply seeing them perform, I am always fascinated by the ‘back stories’ around what got them there, why they love competing at this level, how many people they ‘represent’ who have supported them unconditionally on their journey to this point, the people in their home-town communities who stop working just to watch … and who are all so fiercely proud of them.   What they have achieved to be there, regardless of the outcome, is remarkable.  To have to willingness to strive for greatness, when the risk for failure is so immense, is something that most people never get a chance to experience…it is thrilling and nerve racking at the same time, and is what fuels these incredible athletes to strive for their goals.